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Michael Reed

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Michael Reed

Michael Reed's art practice is printmaking based. Since graduating from the University of Canterbury with a Masters in Fine Arts, Printmaking, he has established a career in printmaking, mixed media and textile design. The two prevalent themes in his work are social comment and the culture of the South Pacific. He teaches printmaking at the Art and Design School, Christchurch Polytechnic, Institute of Technology and since 2000, has worked on a number of collaborative projects with artists from Japan, Germany, USA, The Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Denmark and New Zealand.

Museums are a window to the rich variety of past human endeavors. Pacific collections in New Zealand, Australia and the UK have been an educational and inspirational resource for Michael Reed as an artist and designer, giving access to examples of interest and significance to study and learn from.

The artifacts of the Pacific are important as they testify to the quality, energy and ingenuity of the art and design culture that existed in our region prior to European colonisation. The outcomes, whether developed into objects of function, prestige or celebration, provide an insight and connection to past lives, social and cultural histories.

Below: Michael Reed working on his recent exhibition at Swarthmore College, Philadelphia.

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